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What is Virginia Law enforcement and National Security Network?

VLNSN is a component of the FBI’s Richmond Field Office whose primary mission is to provide high quality training and outreach opportunities to local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies within the Richmond Field Office territory.   

Why is VLNSN Needed?

With the cooperation of the law enforcement community, VLNSN will evaluate training requests from state and local law enforcement agencies, and make every effort to provide training courses that meet the needs of those agencies. 
VLNSN will be the conduit for communication and information sharing with the strategic working groups located throughout the VLNSN territory.   In addition VLNSN will work to foster national security partnerships between federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.

Why Become a Partner?

Today, we are facing new and daunting challenges from an increasingly volatile world.  The increase in cyber crime, human trafficking, and terrorist activities at home and abroad threatens US interests at unprecedented levels, demanding ever-increasing vigilance and cooperation.   Partners will benefit by participating in valuable working groups and by receiving training provided by VLNSN members and partner agencies. Communication and training are vital keys to protecting our citizens from national security and organized criminal threats. 

Who Should Participate?

Any local, state, or federal agency  within the VLNSN territory that might benefit by receiving information on training and outreach opportunities provided by the VLNSN and partner agencies.

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Any local, state, federal agency within the specified VLNSN Territory

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